Revisit Denver

Murder at Mount Carmel Church

Denver of the late 19th century wasn’t a city, but more a cluster of communities separated by economics and ethnicity. The dwellings west of the confluence of the Platte River and Cherry Creek were the homes for some of the wealthy who wanted to escape the plumes of black smoke billowing out of the downtown... Read More »

Denver Amusement Park Tragedies

Always pay attention to the safety rules when you jump on Lakeside’s Cyclone roller coaster. Some of them are no-brainers, but remember that each rule is posted for a reason. Case in point, “Do Not Stand up when the roller coaster is in motion.” It seems like an easy one to remember, but there was... Read More »

Hattie Anthony: The Angel of Larimer Street

Hattie Anthony: The Angel of Larimer StreetEmbed from Getty Images Simple acts of kindness can go a long way. Such is the case for Hattie Anthony, the Angel of Larimer Street as she would later be known as when she was inspired to feed the poor after seeing a homeless man dig through trash on Larimer Street for food, back in... Read More »

Quadruple Murder in the North Side

Quadruple Murder in the North SideFor many, a house is a symbol for family support and protection, but looks can be deceiving, especially one such place in Northwest Denver. On the outside, this single-family home looks like the other late 19th century houses on the block, but for one moment in January 1954, it was the scene to one the... Read More »

Murders in Denver’s Red Light District

Murders in Denver’s Red Light DistrictBack in Denver’s early days, Market Street was the only road that could make Colfax blush. So wicked that was it renamed two times. Finally, the civic leaders settled on Market, reflecting the “fresh produce” sold by vendors. But Market Street, or as citizens of the time coined it, The Row, was where civilized society... Read More »

Theodore Coneys: Denver’s Spider-Man

Theodore Coneys: Denver’s Spider-ManFor a brief time in the 1940s, a two-story Folk Victorian home in Denver’s West Highland neighborhood spooked residents and vexed police. Neighbors jammed the operator lines for the police department on their rotary phones to report “ghost lights’’ coming from the home with the peaked roof and windows that resembles eyes. Two would-be housekeepers... Read More »